Detox with a difference!

Let’s face it, changing habits is really hard! Even for me, as a naturopath who has a degree and studied nutrition, disease, pathology, pharmacology, herbal medicine etc etc!

So I have decided to create a detox program with a difference, focusing on more than just the importance of reducing toxic load on our bodies for a couple of weeks!

It’s easy enough to just buy detox products in store or through big network marketers, the problem is that it isn’t personalised – don’t forget everyone is at a different point when it comes to detoxing – some find it easy, while others really struggle!

Also there are certain times people shouldn’t be detoxing, depending on other health issues they have at the time – for example fatigue, exhaustion, sleep issues, people on certain medication.

This is why it is so important to be guided by a qualified naturopath if you are considering a detox!

When you finish a detox, there is a great sense of accomplishment and you feel fantastic, but the majority of people go straight back to old habits of eating convenience foods, forget to meal plan and prep and it all becomes too hard to maintain.

Detoxing is a great kick start to better habits, but wouldn’t it be great to get some further insight into how we can mentally help sustain your good habits or change the way you think about weight loss?


Remember this:


And so in this new and improved 4 week detox package, I’m pleased to announce weekly webinars giving you tips on how to sustain better habits!

This will include an online cooking demonstration with some easy detox-friendly meals,

A webinar run by myself, discussing acid-base balance, and how it is the foundation to good health,

2 webinars run by external coaches offering tips on how to motivate ourselves to maintain better habits and looking at weight loss differently!

More details to follow!

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