Are you ready to embrace holistic health and natural medicine?

Hi, I’m Simone

 I’m an approachable, friendly professional naturopath who loves nothing better than cooking, dancing, and a good yoga session.

I’m a naturopath who firmly believes in the long-term benefits of holistic health and natural medicine.

I know what you’re thinking.

It all sounds a bit woo-woo.

It sounds too alternative for my liking.

I get it.

I was once sceptical too.

But the truth is, naturopathic services are a gentle, natural approach to making your whole body feel good.


So, what exactly is naturopathy?


Naturopathy aims to encourage your body to heal.

But it goes beyond the immediate problem.

Naturopathy is all about maintaining your optimum health.

It supports the mind, body, and spirit.



It works using a combination of:

  • Dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Western herbal medicine in the form of tablets or a liquid
  • Nutritional supplements, supporting biochemical pathways
  • Therapeutic techniques

A combination of scientific, evidence-based research, clinical and traditional knowledge are used to encourage your body to heal itself.

Everybody is different.

That’s why I treat every person as an individual and tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. But the goal for everyone is the same…to achieve your optimal quality of life.


Naturopath Services

Postnatal Support

Wellness Program

What made me turn to naturopathic services?

After the birth of my second child, I lost an alarming amount of weight. At my lightest, I weighed just 38 kilos. I was utterly exhausted. My hair was falling out. And I was an anxious mess. I knew something needed to change.

So, I did what most people do; I made an appointment to see my GP. Their response? It was just a “hormonal thing”, and I needed to stop breastfeeding. I was utterly devastated, but I slowly weaned my son by six months. I didn’t think I had any other option.

It wasn’t until my worried mum suggested I see a naturopath that my eyes were opened to the world of natural medicine. I started looking for natural options to meet my family’s health needs.

Why I made the leap to becoming a practising naturopath

After four years of using and loving holistic health approaches and natural medicines, I had a lightbulb moment. I was a nurturer. I loved helping people. And I believed in naturopathy. So, without hesitation, and some might say a little bit impulsively, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science. I’ve never looked back.



What I love about being a naturopath

I love all of it! I love listening to my clients and working with them to find the true cause of their health issues. I love that naturopathic approaches are not a band-aid or one size fits all approach.

So many people promote “fad diets” or 6-week exercise programs that might have short term effects but generally don’t lead to fundamental, lasting lifestyle changes. Naturopathy offers so much more. I get to educate my clients and empower them to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. And I’m here to help them every step of the way. I’m in it for the long haul.

It gives me great joy watching people’s lives and health improve under the guidance of naturopathic principles. There’s no more incredible feeling than helping people.


Am I suggesting there is no place for western medicine?

Not at all. Some of the best results are achieved when naturopaths and doctors work together to meet the client’s health needs.


What qualifies me to be a naturopath?

I have several formal qualifications that have helped me to become the naturopath I am today. I strongly believe in professional development and the need for rigorous theoretical and practical studies.

I hold the following qualifications, so you can be sure you’re in good hands:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Tibetan Usui Reiki Certificate of Natural Healing First Degree
  • Member Naturopaths Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA member 155532)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Certified Metascan Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Practitioner

I could write pages and pages about why I believe in the power of naturopathy and why I’m an excellent practitioner.

Let’s talk about how I can help you.


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