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How to Improve Iron Status and Could I have Low Iron?

The problem with having suboptimal iron levels left unmanaged, is the development of iron deficiency anaemia. This impairs red blood cell development and reduces the delivery of oxygen to the cells of the body. Symptoms may include fatigue, weakness, pallor and shortness of breath. Additionally low iron effects cellular energy production, hormone production and detoxification [...]

Hormonal Birth Control Facts

This week I have been focusing my research and learning on the birth control. The contraceptive pill stops ovulation and therefore shuts down or suppresses our normal hormone function.  A bleed on the pill is not a period. A real period is about healthy production of hormones, required for our brain, metabolism, bones and mood. [...]

How to Combat Burn-Out

Why You Don’t Want to be Constipated

Let's face it, being constipated is uncomfortable and down-right frustrating with wind pain, bloating and abdominal pain, but are you aware of the other implications this can have on your health and well being? Constipation means toxins remaining in your body longer, also altering our good bacteria. This can manifest with problem skin, allergies, altered [...]

Burn Out Seminar

It's an epidemic side effect of our busy, switched on, ambitious lives to feel like we're running on empty. Chronic burnout is one of the most common problems we see with our clients at New Image. And often we're so stressed we accept that foggy, fatigued state as normal. It's not ok to [...]

Raw Protein Muesli

Ingredients 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup raw cashews ½ cup pepitas ½ cup sunflower seeds ¼ cup sesame seeds 2 tablespoons flaxseed (linseed) 2 tablespoons chia seeds 1 ½ cups activated buckwheat ¼ cup Sulphur free raisins or cranberries 2 cups organic shaved coconut   Method Place almonds and cashews into a blender and [...]

Polyunsaturated or Saturated Fat?

Saturated fat was demonised because it apparently raised cholesterol, leading to heart disease. Finally the research is showing that this is not the case. Research in the past has shown high cholesterol can decrease with the consumption of almost any fat, including saturated fat, and low cholesterol can increase with the consumption of most fats [...]

Diet Supplement Warning

Another reason to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods to lose weight and improve your health over a sustained and manageable timeframe..... Unapproved ephedrine-like stimulant oxilofrine has been found in certain dietary supplement products. Oxilofrine is an illegal dietary ingredient, which means products containing oxilofrine are considered misbranded under the law. This ingredient may [...]

Eating mindfully can help you lose weight

Mindfulness-based eating awareness helps adolescents eat healthier foods, be more active How often do we open the fridge or pantry to see what we can snack on just because we are in the house? How often do we sit in from to of the TV eating dinner, without even consciously thinking about what is going [...]

We are what our animals ate – eating foods produced in a natural harmonious environment

cow massage Animals should be raised on their natural diets in their natural environments with the freedom to engage in their natural behaviours. Cattle should graze on grass in open pastures instead of being fed corn in a feed lot. These cows become tryptophan deficient and their meat becomes a vehicle for antibiotic resistance and a [...]

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