[fusion_text]After having a beautiful morning at the beach, my Sunday afternoon usually comprises of 2-3 hours making a menu, shopping and food prep for the week.

You may be thinking “get a life”, but I actually really enjoy this time in the kitchen, knowing that my family will be eating well for the week.

So here are my 10 reasons why you should build food prep into your weekly routine:

  1. One less thing to think about

I don’t know about you, but I hate asking the question “what do you want for dinner?” every afternoon, especially if I have been at work because it’s the last thing I feel like thinking about. Also so important for those parents who have after school activities! Having at least your dinner menu planned for the week takes this hassle out of your day.


  1. Save money

By knowing what ingredients you need for the week, you aren’t throwing out veges and other perishables that you have bought with the “good intension” of using, saving heaps of money over time. Extend this to your lunch menu and imagine the $$$ you will save!


  1. Lose weight

Knowing you have dinner and lunches organised, takes away the temptation of take-away foods and other easy options like frozen meals. These meals are filled with sugar and omega-6 fats which cause inflammation in your body, which over time leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gut problems, obesity, cancer etc etc etc


  1. Reduce toxicity in your body

We are exposed to thousands of chemicals every year through occupation, environmental and lifestyle situations. We all have a varied ability to deal with toxins in our body and making bad food choices is just adding to the toxic burden. Planning your menu will reduce this burden, as you save money on fast food/ take-away, you can choose organic options in the supermarket or local farmers markets.


  1. Save time

Even though meal prep may take 2-3 hours, it gives you a little extra time every day – think about it – if you had to stop at the shops and grab something, come home, prepare it (or worse get take away), it’s going to be around 30 minutes per day. This time could be spent with more quality time with your kids, it could mean a brisk 20-30 minute walk, or just some down-time which is also important in this crazy day and age. It could mean you have time to write this important blog that you want to share with your followers!


  1. Feel organised

By knowing you food is waiting for you, it leaves you with a sense of being more organised, which in turn means you are less stressed, which comes to my next point!


  1. Switches off Stress

Just being in the kitchen with a check list of prep ideas and music in the background, can be a great way to reduce stress. Preparing food isn’t rocket science, so just being in the moment could actually be considered a form of mediation and relaxation. When your focus is on the food and you aren’t worrying about the past or future – this is really important for switching off a cortisol response which causes burn out and thyroid conditions.


  1. Good example for your kids

We underestimate how much our kids observe in our behaviour. When they eventually leave home, really all they have to go by is how they were brought up at home and what they saw and experienced. If your kids see you taking an interest in meal preparation, and if you explain to them the reasons for its importance, you are creating a tradition that they will take with them when they have themselves and their own family to look after.


  1. Sense of achievement

It’s a great feeling when you know you are looking after your children’s health and wellbeing. Meal prep is one of the best things you can do to ensure they you and your family are eating well because at the end of the day, we are what we eat, and if good nutrition is not going in, long term health issues will manifest and become part of life.


  1. Always make double portions

If you are already in the kitchen doing meal prep, you might as well buy double the ingredients and make additional to freeze. This is great for those weekends where meal prep is not possible, and you know you have a few things ready in the freezer. All you need to do is remember to thaw in the fridge the day before.[/fusion_text]

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