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DETOX PACKAGES 2021   These packages are truly fantastic value for money – don’t put off feeling crappy any longer! Get rid of those negative thoughts and feel empowered about your health and yourself! This is the perfect supportive environment you need to achieve your personal best! Standard Doable Detox Package – as per [...]

Detox with a Difference

Detox with a difference! Let’s face it, changing habits is really hard! Even for me, as a naturopath who has a degree and studied nutrition, disease, pathology, pharmacology, herbal medicine etc etc! So I have decided to create a detox program with a difference, focusing on more than just the importance of reducing toxic [...]

2 + 2 Week Doable Detox Special

My 5 top reasons for doing a detox in Winter include: COVID Restrictions = less temptation + fewer social engagements! Most of us tend to hibernate more in Winter, and with COVID-19 concerns, who wants to leave the cosy warmth of home unnecessarily! You could be rugged up in your soft doona, watching your favourite [...]

There’s No Better Time To Detox!!

Have you forgotten what it feels like to feel really good? Do you have more time on your hands in isolation? Before coronavirus, was your social life your excuse for not detoxing? Do you wander to the kitchen in search of "something" many times per day? Are you scared of getting into a habit of [...]

DETOX Recipe – Makhlouta (pulses soup)

This is a Lebanese dish with down to earth heartiness! Ingredients 1 cup dried chickpeas washed and drained ½ cup dried kidney beans washed and drained ½ cup dried butter beans washed and drained ½ cup brown lentils washed and drained ½ cup long grain rice or brown rice (detox) washed and drained (rice is [...]

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