Have you forgotten what it feels like to feel really good?

Do you have more time on your hands in isolation?

Before coronavirus, was your social life your excuse for not detoxing?

Do you wander to the kitchen in search of “something” many times per day?

Are you scared of getting into a habit of being unfocused and putting on weight while you self isolate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, now might be the perfect time for you to detox!

Not only is this great for your immune system, but you will feel more energized and feel much more emotionally stable and in control!

This package includes:

  • 5 x online 30 minute consultations
  • Detox powders (only required for 14 days) and shaker,
  • Detox booklet outlining what to enjoy and avoid
  • Meal planner – To create your own weekly meal plan
  • Meal planner examples
  • A heap of Detox Recipes
  • Regular phone call check ins
  • A guide to the top skincare nasties and other toxic chemicals we use every day
  • Simple steps to reduce stress and improve sleep
  • ***Work through individual symptoms, concerns and conditions – essentially a more tailored approach to your health needs and goals.

*** Individual package only

Individual Package price for 12 weeks  $549

Group Package: Get 3 people or more together for group on-line sessions and pay $333 each 

That’s $25 per person per session (plus your goodies!)!

Advantages of a group session include:

  • Reconnecting with family, friends, work or networking colleagues in a positive environment
  • Accountability within a group will work in your favour to keep you on track
  • Gain ideas and insight from other members of the group
  • Great value for money!

Kick your bad habits and feel positive about yourself and life again!

This 12 week package will not only help keep you healthy now, but will equip you with information you can use for a lifetime!

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