Doable Detox with Simone!

We all know how we feel after the Christmas break – we have let our hair down, had countless social events leading up to Christmas, and then we may have even been lucky enough to go on a holiday, where the food and alcohol choices are always abundant, and we follow the mantra “Oh, We [...]

Canola oil: Good or Bad?

Good fats are extremely important in our diet, but there is a lot of confusion about the health effects of different fats and oils. I have noticed recently that canola oil is marketed as a healthy option, because it is low in saturated fat and contains omega 3. The bottom line is canola oil is [...]

What does a naturopath do?

Vitamin D

VITAMIN D Vitamin D is synthesized by the action of sunlight on our skin. Although it is important for us to be protected from the Australian sun, 10 minutes of morning sun on your face, hands and arms is an optimal time to get your dose! Food sources include Fish liver oils – cod, herring, [...]

Hormonal Birth Control Facts

This week I have been focusing my research and learning on the birth control. The contraceptive pill stops ovulation and therefore shuts down or suppresses our normal hormone function.  A bleed on the pill is not a period. A real period is about healthy production of hormones, required for our brain, metabolism, bones and mood. [...]