Let’s face it, changing habits is really hard! Even for me, as a naturopath who has a degree and studied nutrition, disease, pathology, pharmacology, herbal medicine etc etc!

So I have decided to offer a healthy kickstart program with a difference, focusing on more than just the importance of reducing toxic load and inflammation in our bodies for a couple of weeks!

It’s easy enough to just buy detox products in store or through big network marketers, the problem is that it isn’t personalised – don’t forget everyone is at a different point when it comes to health, inflammation and disease– some find it easy, while others really struggle!

This is why it is so important to be guided by a qualified naturopath if you are considering supplementation and change.

A healthy kickstart can lead to a great sense of accomplishment and you feel fantastic, but the majority of people go straight back to old habits of eating convenience foods, forget to meal plan and prep and it all becomes too hard to maintain shortly after the 2 week focus time.

So in addition to a healthy kick start, I would love to invite you to a new workshop I have put together on how to make good habits stick.


2 x Naturopathic consultations over 3 weeks (1 hour initial plus 1 x 30 minute follow up consultation).
2 x Bio-impedance tests over 3 weeks (a diagnostic test to measure fat, muscle and cellular health).
High quality, practitioner only Detox products for the 2 week period, to ensure elimination pathways are functioning well, to get rid of toxins including:

  • Metagenics Thermophase Essentials
  • Metagenics G-Tox express
  • Metagenics Digestex or equivalent to suit you

(Note any specialised requirements that become apparent, will be additional to the package price)

Detox Booklet outlining comprehensive list of foods to enjoy and avoid, and other lifestyle tips on how to be healthy in your daily life,
1 x Shaker for detox powders,
Link to recipes, suitable for a healthy kickstart,
Professional guidance over the 2 week period – regular check in via social media chat group, and available for questions or concerns

Services and products valued at $515

PLUS for an additional $49 introductory offer, join me for a 4 week online workshop on creating and sustaining healthy habits!

The workshop is a deep dive into understanding our beliefs around behaviour change and motivation, planning and monitoring our habits.

The workshop includes 1 x 30-45 minute online group session per week. It is designed to be interactive and reflective and includes guided worksheets.

I am looking forward to working with you on this health journey!

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