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Coconut and Tahini Balls

Ingredients 2 cups raw mixed nuts (I normally use cashews and macadamia nuts) 1 cup medjool dates 1 cup organic desiccated coconut 3 tblsp coconut oil 3 tblsp raw honey 3 tblsp unhulled tahini Method Throw ingredients into a high powered food processor and whizz until all mixed together Make small balls with your hands [...]

Caramelised Banana Oats Porridge

Caramelised Banana Oats Porridge is by far, my favourite Winter breakfast! Also great to have on the go in a mason jar :-). PORRIDGE: 1/2 cup organic rolled oats 1 cup organic almond milk 1/2 or 1 small, ripe, mashed banana Celtic sea salt 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon powder 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional) 1/2 [...]


INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon olive oil 8 eggs 2 cups quinoa cooked (can be replaced with brown rice) 1 and 1/4 cups milk 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tsp thyme, chopped 3 cups spinach, roughly chopped Pinch of pepper and nutmeg 1 cup shredded cheese 1/2 punnet cherry tomatoes spray oil METHOD Preheat oven to 160 [...]

5 Minute Tumeric Tea (Golden Milk)

How to Make a Dry Turmeric Tea Mix If you’d rather not mix up the spices each time, you can easily make a mixture of the spices and just add to warmed milk when ready. Mix up: 1/2 cup turmeric powder 1/4 cup cinnamon powder 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 1-2 Tablespoons ground ginger [...]

Superfood Easter Eggs

These coconut Easter eggs are bright, cheery and easy to make - get the kids involved! They are made using superfood powders for natural colouring in place of chemical dyes. Ingredients 1/4 cup organic coconut oil, melted 2 tablespoons organic almond milk or milk of choice 1 tablespoon organic raw honey or organic brown rice [...]

Guilt-Free Chocolate Blocks

What is more gratifying than making your own chocolate? This recipe contains no nasties and literally takes 10 minutes to complete before chilling. Ingredients 3 tablespoons (60ml) coconut oil 2 tablespoons (20g) roughly chopped cacao butter 2 tablespoons (40ml) of pure maple syrup 3 tablespoons (2g) raw cacao powder 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence Pinch [...]

Raw Protein Muesli

Ingredients 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup raw cashews ½ cup pepitas ½ cup sunflower seeds ¼ cup sesame seeds 2 tablespoons flaxseed (linseed) 2 tablespoons chia seeds 1 ½ cups activated buckwheat ¼ cup Sulphur free raisins or cranberries 2 cups organic shaved coconut   Method Place almonds and cashews into a blender and [...]

Barley and Blood Sugar Levels

Barley and blood sugar control....food for good bacteria! Are your blood sugar and insulin levels slowly kreeping up each year on your blood test results? Barley kernels may assist by: - regulating metabolism and appetite - reduce inflammation (reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes) - Increase rates of good bacteria that help regulate blood [...]