If you knew that the products you buy and use every day on your body, could cause or aggravate conditions such as PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, chronic fatigue, obesity, learning problems, infertility, allergies, autoimmune conditions and cancer, for you OR YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN would you continue to use them?

There are over 140 million chemicals registered for use on the world’s largest database – The Chemical Abstract Service and most of the man-made portion of these chemicals have never been assessed for their impact on human health” Nicole Bijlsma, Building Biology

How many products do you use on your body daily? Soap, shampoo, conditioner, cleaner, toner, moisturiser, hair products, make up….and how many products do you use for cleaning? Kitchen, bathroom, floors, washing powder, dishwashing powder, fabric softener….etc

Sadly chemical regulation is inadequate, because it doesn’t consider the health risks associated with low level toxins used over a life-time.

Did you know the companies who produce these products only need to test 1 chemical at a time for their toxicity to be regarded as safe? Have you ever turned a bottle of shampoo over and just seen 1 ingredient?

In Australia, the chemical industry has exploited weak laws and regulations, to introduce untested chemicals into everyday products. In fact in the USA and Australia, the burden of proof is on the Government to prove a chemical can cause harm, unlike in Europe, where the responsibility lies with the industry, to manage risks and provide safety information.

What does this mean? Well it means it’s up to you to make an informed decision about what you put onto and let leach into your body on a daily basis!

Why do some people seem more sensitive than others?

 By sensitive, I mean it’s easy for you to pick the obvious signs and symptoms including

  • skin reactions such as itching,
  • headaches around fragrances,
  • asthma flare ups,

And what about the conditions underlined above, that you may not associate with toxic chemicals?

How your body deals with toxins will depend on certain factors:

  1. Timing of exposure – exposure in the womb, during childhood and prepubescent period, have been correlated with a range of adverse health affects
  2. Age – children are more susceptible to toxins as the have a higher hand-to-mouth ratio and consume more food and drink due to their rapid growth. Their blood-brain barrier isn’t fully developed and they have immature detoxification pathways
  3. Gender – Generally women have a higher body burden of toxins because of the amount of personal care and cleaning products they use. Male reproductive abnormalities such as undecended testicles and infertility have also risen sharply in the past 50 years correlating with the diverse number of hormone disrupting chemicals that have entered the market.
  4. Genetic predisposition
  5. Gut microbiome – the bacteria in your digestive system are effective at dealing with toxins so ensuring you are a healthy balance is essential!
  6. Diet, drugs, lifestyle factors – Fibre is essential to assist the detoxification process! Drugs, alcohol tobacco smoke and certain medications such as the oral contraceptive pill, reduce the capacity of your liver to get rid of toxins.

How can you reduce your toxic load?

Lucky we live in a time where there is a growing awareness and research into how toxic chemicals affect us, giving us many alternative options to use!

  • Do it yourself – there are many easy and effective alternatives to the expensive, toxin-filled products that promise to “reduce ageing”……and hey, you may notice an improvement with some of these products, but what’s the point of looking good on the outside if you feel like rubbish on the inside? These products are NOT designed to improve your quality of life and energy levels ….I love the book “Low-Tox Life” by Alexx Stuart for great home recipe ideas
  • Read the labels – once you become familiar with a few toxic chemical names, you will pick them out a mile away. Put them back on the shelf and be satisfied that you have made an educated decision that puts your health first
  • Don’t be fooled by the marketing claims of “rare algae” or “organic extracted collagen” or “pure vitamin c” etc…….ask or look at the bottom half of the label, where all the nasties typically lie.
  • But what about my favourite perfume or foundation? I admit I do love my Coco Chanel perfume, and if there is one thing that you just don’t want to let go of, take out all the other nasties and use it sparingly. By doing this, you are still reducing the toxic load on your body significantly.
  • For a list of toxic chemicals to avoid, click here

Do it for your kids……”when a woman carries a female child, by week 14 of that pregnancy, all of her daughter’s eggs will be present. Therefore any toxicant that a pregnant mother is exposed to will not only affect he daughter, but also her future grandchildren.” Nicole Bijlsma

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