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It’s an epidemic side effect of our busy, switched on, ambitious lives to feel like we’re running on empty.

Chronic burnout is one of the most common problems we see with our clients at New Image.

And often we’re so stressed we accept that foggy, fatigued state as normal.

It’s not ok to be exhausted all the time, to be sleeping poorly night after night, to feel irritable and directionless.

Burnout, or adrenal fatigue, affects the most successful and motivated amongst us, but it’s not something you can push through.

This time of year is the peak season for feeling rundown and lacklustre. But we want to help make this Winter different.

Join Dietitian Katherine Baqleh, Naturopath Simone Davis and Personal Trainer Sean L’Estrange for our “Beat Burnout” seminar and learn the best training, diet and supplementation strategies to escape chronic stress.

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