With more than 2,000 new chemicals being produced every year, infiltrating our soil, air, water and food supply; exposure to toxicity is an unfortunate yet unavoidable fact of life.

A “toxin” refers to any substance that has the potential to interfere with our cellular function and both our short term or long term health. Our bodies are designed to be able to process and remove toxins via key elimination channels including our digestive system, liver and kidneys; however individuals may vary in how toxins affect their health.

This detox program is EASY to incorporate into family life! I will guide you through a meal plan and shopping list, so you can be prepared and organised for the 2 week period….
Please click here for an example of a dinner the whole family can enjoy (just add pasta or rice for the rest of the family if required)
A short 2 week detox will not only help you feel better physically, it will pave the way for healthier eating and lifestyle habits for you and your family.


2 x Naturopathic consultations (1 hour initial plus 30 minute follow up consultation)
2 x Bio-impedance tests (a diagnostic test to measure fat, muscle and cellular health)
High quality, practitioner only Detox products for the 2 week period, to ensure elimination pathways are functioning well, to get rid of toxins including:

  • Metagenics Thermophase Essentials
  • Metagenics G-Tox express
  • Metagenics Digestex or equivalent to suit you

Detox Booklet outlining comprehensive list of foods to enjoy and avoid, and other lifestyle tips on how to reduce toxicity in your daily life
1 x Shaker for detox powders
Link to recipes, suitable for the detox
Professional guidance over the 2 week period – social media group chat for added support and accountability!

Services and products valued at $500[/fusion_text]

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