[fullwidth background_color=”” background_image=”” background_parallax=”none” enable_mobile=”no” parallax_speed=”0.3″ background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”left top” video_url=”” video_aspect_ratio=”16:9″ video_webm=”” video_mp4=”” video_ogv=”” video_preview_image=”” overlay_color=”” overlay_opacity=”0.5″ video_mute=”yes” video_loop=”yes” fade=”no” border_size=”0px” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” padding_top=”20″ padding_bottom=”20″ padding_left=”” padding_right=”” hundred_percent=”no” equal_height_columns=”no” hide_on_mobile=”no” menu_anchor=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]For those of us suffering from pain and inflammation (think weight, joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health, high iron, cancer), or any kind of autoimmune condition, here are some foods to remember to AVOID as they cause inflammation in the body:

Herbs & spices                  Reduce salt, sugar, artificial sweetener, colours, flavours and preservatives

Nuts & seeds                     Reduce peanut intake, avoid seed oils such as rapeseed and corn oil
Grains & legumes            Avoid refined carbohydrates and reduce gluten containing grains

Fruits                                     Reduce High GI / starch fruits if metabolic syndrome exists

Meat, poultry,

Fish & dairy                         Avoid grain fed beef, go for organic always where possible!

Vegetables                         Avoid high GI starches in metabolic syndrome, and night shade family veg   in  autoimmunity

Beverages                           Limit alcohol and avoid soft drink

Lifestyle                               Quit smoking, start moving, learn stress management techniques, get  help  for sleep and social isolation[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

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