[fusion_text]There is more to detoxifying than meets to eye. If detoxifying to you means starving yourself, or just drinking juices and feeling like rubbish, then I would put it in the too hard basket as well!!

Proper detoxifying takes into account all of your elimination channels, not just the liver – after all, who wants to liberate a heap of toxins into the body after improving liver function, to realize your bowels and kidneys aren’t working optimally, so you can’t eliminate them!

Our bodies are designed to be able to process and remove toxins via key elimination channels including our digestive system, liver and kidneys, however individuals may vary in how toxins affect their health.

Toxic burden – represents your level of exposure to various toxin, and may include dietary allergens such as gluten, food additives and preservatives; as well as occupational, environmental or lifestyle related toxins such as cigarette smoking, or exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, cleaning agents or chemicals used in cosmetics. Toxins can also be created internally as a part of normal, healthy metabolic processes, or by bacteria in the digestive tract, or re-circulation of waste from the bowel.

Toxic resistance – Describes your ability to process and eliminate toxins effectively and refers to the impact they may be having on your health. It is less common for health issues to arise due to exposure to a single toxin, but more as a result of the additive effects of low-level exposure to a broad range of dietary and environmental toxins.

Did you know that you need proteins to detoxify properly? Eating well during a detox is just as important as using the supplements provided. Having easy recipes on hand, and my support along the way, will make the process easy, and hopefully, will embed some long-term changes to improve your quality of life.

A natural detox program can be one of the most effective strategies to improve the state of your health, as it will help clear toxins out and leave you feeling healthy and energetic.

Detoxifying is a serious business however, and your safety and comfort during detoxification is important. You should not attempt to do a detox without guidance and support from a trained Healthcare Practitioner.

Fill out this detox questionnaire to see how important detoxification is for you.[/fusion_text]

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