It is more important than ever to be looking after our immune system and mental health as we become more and more isolated due to the current restrictions in place.

It’s easy to slip into bad habits at home, especially if you are used to being out and about or at an office all day.

We are potentially going to be isolated for a long time which would make bad long term habits, and the longer you have bad habits the harder it is to break them!

I’ve got your back to stay on track…….

It’s about being proactive with your health – in the same way that you are isolating yourself to prevent coronavirus, you can be proactive in improving your immune system, preventing weight gain, and keeping your mental health in check!

I’m offering a 12 week package which can be done individually or with a group of 3 or more people, to stay connected, maintain or lose weight and boost your immune system and mental health!

The packages include:

  • 5 online 30 minute consultations
  • Weekly phone check-in to keep you on track
  • Recipe ideas
  • Sample meal plans
  • A guide to the top skincare nasties and other toxic chemicals we use every day
  • Simple steps to reduce stress and improve sleep
  • ***Work through individual symptoms, concerns and conditions – essentially a more tailored approach to your health needs and goals.

*** Individual package only

Individual Package price for 3 months  $350 

Group Package: Get 3 people or more together for group on-line sessions and pay $125 each

That’s $25 per person per session!

Advantages of a group session include:

  • Reconnecting with family, friends, work or networking colleagues in a positive environment
  • Accountability within a group will work in your favour to keep you on track
  • Gain ideas and insight from other members of the group
  • Great value for money!

This 3 month package will not only help keep you healthy now, but will equip you with information you can use for a lifetime!

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