[fusion_text]VITAMIN D

Vitamin D is synthesized by the action of sunlight on our skin.

Although it is important for us to be protected from the Australian sun, 10 minutes of morning sun on your face, hands and arms is an optimal time to get your dose!

Food sources include Fish liver oils – cod, herring, halibut and tuna, butter, egg yolk, milk and sprouted seeds.

Some causes of insufficiency of Vitamin D may include: Alcohol, autoimmune arthritis, Crohn’s disease, intestinal or kidney disorders, lactation, MS, obesity, steroid medication, pregnancy, dark-skinned and elderly people.

Some deficiency signs caused or associated with deficiency may include:

Burning in the mouth and throat, diarrhoea, insomnia, low birth weight, nervousness, osteoporosis, softening of bones and teeth, fertility problems.

Speak to your healthcare practitioner to advise you of the most appropriate vitamin D dosage to optimise your health![/fusion_text]

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