Let’s face it, being constipated is uncomfortable and down-right frustrating with wind pain, bloating and abdominal pain, but are you aware of the other implications this can have on your health and well being?

Constipation means toxins remaining in your body longer, also altering our good bacteria. This can manifest with problem skin, allergies, altered immune function, lethargy and headaches to name a few.

As we are all different, it can be difficult to determine what’s normal, however most holistic practitioners recommend at least 1 bowel movement per day, that should be quick and easy to pass, with a feeling of satisfaction “Ahhh”! (that’s the vagus nerve reaction – rewarding your body for getting rid of toxins and waste). Sorry naturopaths like talking about poo :-).

There are many causes for possible constipation, including a low fiber diet, inadequate fluid intake, lack of physical activity, food intolerance, various medications, low thyroid function and irritable bowel syndrome.

The problem with using laxatives, even natural ones, are that they make your bowel lazy, and it can take 4-6 weeks to retrain your bowel.

If you feel you have tried, but nothing works, come and see me for more detailed diet and lifestyle advice. A more detailed cleansing program may be required.

Food’s transit time is a key factor in digestive health


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