Why is Winter a great time to detox?

I find that doing a body cleans can be fabulous in Winter! I generally do one at the end of January (after totally splurging over Christmas and New Year), and then again in August.

My 5 top reasons for doing a detox in Winter include:

  1. Fewer social engagements = less temptation!

Most of us tend to hibernate more in Winter, who wants to leave the cosy warmth of home, to socialise in the cold, when you could be rugged up in your soft doona, watching your favourite series or movie on Netflix? Maybe I’m getting old, but I know where I would rather be!

2. Soups for detox

Now I am a huge fan of soups, and these are perfect for detox! Firstly they are warm and hearty during the cold days of Winter. More importantly, if you make a big pot, it will last for days – No extra meal prep – who doesn’t like that??

3. Feel good at the start of Spring!

Normally people wait till the end of Winter to look at themselves in disgust, as the Spring wardrobe emerges! Beat that feeling before Spring, so you can be pleasantly surprised with yourself come September :-).

4. Have more energy and focus coming into Spring!

Getting into great habits now, will be rewarding as the year draws to an end. We know how demanding the lead up to Christmas can be. Don’t feel overwhelmed and disheartened that you didn’t make an effort sooner. Feel energized and excited about ticking off that good habits check list!

5. Kick start your sluggish metabolism

OK, I am also guilty of being a bit slack with my diet during the colder months when somehow chocolate and heavier carbs seem so much more appealing.

A doable detox program will remind you that is is easy to eat well, and you will be motivated because you feel so much better physically and emotionally!


2 x Naturopathic consultations (1 hour initial plus 30 minute follow up consultation)
2 x Bio-impedance tests (a diagnostic test to measure fat, muscle and cellular health)
High quality, practitioner only Detox products for the 2 week period, to ensure elimination pathways are functioning well, to get rid of toxins including:

  • Metagenics Thermophase Essentials
  • Metagenics G-Tox express
  • Metagenics Digestex or equivalent to suit you

Detox Booklet outlining comprehensive list of foods to enjoy and avoid, and other lifestyle tips on how to reduce toxicity in your daily life
1 x Shaker for detox powders
Link to recipes, suitable for the detox
Professional guidance over the 2 week period – regular check in via Facebook Messenger, and available for questions or concerns

Services and products valued at $500[/fusion_text]

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